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An imaging center with a videowall system, facial recognition, suspicious vehicle and package control, border security, and smart scanning systems with aqupic technology were installed. Our system consisting of 935 cameras monitors the entire field. Thermal cameras measure temperature in every part of the refinery. Facial recognition and border security systems have also been installed. We integrated the security systems with the fire alarm and emergency announcement systems we installed. Thus, in case of emergencies, the fire station can receive instant visual and audio alarms.

Fıre Alarm and Fire Alarm and Emergency Announcement System

We have established a warning system for the entire refinery in case of fire or emergency in the system we established with Schneider and Bosch brands

The CCTV system we installed with the Dahua brand works 24/7 for face recognition, temperature measurement, border and refinery security..

We have undertaken one of the most successful refinery security systems projects in the world.

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